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DSC04821 (1024x768)That’s right.  Uh-huh.  It’s high, wide, and  handsome, and it’s the baddest truck camper around.

This afternoon I made a trip to ALRO steel and got stock to modify the jack mounts on the Del-Ray, and to make “Happijack” style camper hold downs for the truck bed.  I got the jack mounts done, backed the truck under the camper and drove it down to our house just setting in the back of the truck.  Since it weighs as much as the truck, I figured it’d say put.

It did.

One irritating thing, the truck now sets just off the overload springs, and the slightest bump smacks the overloads on to the stops, making a disconcerting “clunk-clunk” noise.   A piece of old tire tread should make a good insulator, something for me to do while I’m off work.

Before I can get Kim to go camping in it, we need to make new dinette cushions, curtains, a new mattress and paint the exterior, but it’s got potential.  We’re both excited about it.

Maybe this fall, it’ll show up at a campground near you.

Watch out.

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