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IMG_6062I promised my wife I wouldn’t work on the ’34 Roadster until I had the Manor done, so, in order to get that out of the way, I’ve been working on the ’47 Spartan Manor.  I’ve got it up by the garage, the interior is stripped, the old, deteriorated Kimsul insulation is (mostly) gone, and the floor repairs are done.  The original 5/8″ plywood floor was delaminated in front of both doors, and soft under the curb side rear window.  I found the drain tube plugged in that, which explains the damaged floor.

A 4×8 sheet of 3/4 exterior grade plywood was enough to do all the needed repairs.  I went to the new Menards store in Kalamazoo this morning and bought 7 sheets of 1/4″ underlayment, and 17b sheets of really pretty birch 1/4″ plywood. The underlayment will go on the original floor to give me a clean, level, smooth surface to put the vintage 9×9 asphalt floor tiles on, and the birch will do the walls and cabinets.

Looks great, it’s fun to get started on it!


I’ve spent the past two days on the Del-Ray and GMC pickup. New tires on the truck, fender wells and exposed frame sandblasted and painted. Camper cleaned, birch paneling oiled and polished, counters and backsplash scrubbed, stove cleaned, floor scrubbed. We need to make the curtains and wash the windows, but it’s close to getting a big “DONE” stamp!










IMG_4881 The Del-Ray tuck camper is officially DONE! Well, Kim is going to make curtains , but it’s “campable” now. New cushions , new water system , bathroom re-skinned, toilet working , new mattress, fridge checked, windows and roof re-sealed and caulked. The GMC, designated beast of burden has new dually hubcaps, there’s a complete new stainless exhaust waiting to go under it, so other than the steer horns going on and plow frame coming off, it’s ready to go. We’re ready for adventure!





With help from my friend Jake who made spring spacers for another ‘ 63 Riviera he was bagging, I got started on the air suspension for Kim ‘a Riviera today.

Front is together, I hope to get the rear done tomorrow and get lines run . The goal is infinitely adjustable suspension for ride height, static display and trailer towing duty.